Photos & Wedding Film | A slavonic Marriage

We really wanted to really thank you for all your work. The videos touched us a lot, you really managed to capture the little moments of emotion. The snippets from the speeches, the quick complicit glances, the perfect music ... The Romanian phrases were perfectly chosen. It was a great surprise, I did not expect at all and appreciated it a lot. You managed to make half of my family cry with the teaser! It makes us so happy to see our friends and family in the atmosphere of the film, especially because we were so stressed that had forgotten many of these little moments ... Thank you very much Lycia, thanks to you we have memories forever...
A slavonic story

G and A said YES in a charming church not far from Saint-Lon-les-Mines, near Dax, where the superb Château du Prada is located. The day before we met at Mont-de-Marsan Town Hall. G is Romanian, A is French and their story has united many guests from all over Europe, who have like me, been carried away by their charm and kindness.

The Romanian tradition has married the French culture, or is it the other way around!

A stroll in the Basque country where the light between the raindrops is soft, in the heart of the countryside where the properties passed down from generation to generation stand alongside red brick towers… What an incredible setting!











































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